We have a staged approach to implementation of our projects, we will embed the systems to support implementation as our first step, we will then expand existing services and look at new and innovative services - always ensuring we have time to review and appraise their effectiveness.

Our first projects enable every pregnant woman in Blackpool to have access to an evidence based programme of antenatal care.  Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) for those women 19 and under, and Baby Steps for all those aged 20 and over.  These exciting programmes launched in September 2015.

We will be working with partners to implement other evidence based interventions targeting our most vulnerable families to improve diet and nutrition, social and emotional development, and language and communication.

We've been working with our community to develop a number of community action projects including:

  • Activity Cards
  • Outdoor Sports Activities
  • Development of Green Spaces
  • Dads' Engagement
  • Baby Clothing Bank

These exciting community-led projects and other new developments, will progress over the 10 years.

See how in the Blackpool Better Start timeline.