Our Priorities


  • Giving our babies the best start in diet and nutrition, language and communication and social and emotional development
  • Tackling poor parental health and unhealthy gestation and birth
  • Enabling our youngest children to enter school ready and able to learn and reach their full potential
  • Safeguarding and protecting the most vulnerable children and families
  • Tackling poor mental health and well-being along with other parental risk factors
  • Giving our babies the best start in relation to Diet and Nutrition, Language and Communication and Social and Emotional Development
  • Delivering quality services through a committed, professional and motivated workforce.


  • We are accountable for delivering on the promises we make and take responsibility for our actions and the outcomes achieved.
  • We will have the courage to communicate openly and honestly, challenging the status quo and using our independence and experience to lead change for children in all our activities
  • We take pride in delivering quality services that are community focussed and based on listening carefully to what the families need.
  • We will respect all children and seek to foster respect for them in others.
  • We are trustworthy in all our dealings with children and families and will be honest and transparent about the decisions we make and the services we offer.
  • We are compassionate, caring, hard working and committed to deliver the best services that we can with a positive and collaborative attitude.