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Q - What is Community Voice?

A - Community Voice is the Community Partnership Board that sites within the Better Start Partnership Governance Structure, with parents' representation at all levels of decision-making.  The board is a community group which represents parents, grandparents and families throughout the town. It co-produces services and activities and is currently focusing on the Development of Parks and Open Spaces, Activity Cards and Outdoor Activates, Volunteering, Dads Engagement and a Baby Clothing Bank.  Please go here for more information.

Q - Which are the wards which Better Start is working in?

A - Better Start is involved in the following seven Blackpool wards:

  • Bloomfield
  • Brunswick
  • Claremont
  • Clifton
  • Park
  • Talbot
  • Victoria

Q - Which Children Centres are involved in Better Start?

A - Better Start is working primarily with the following centres within the Better Start Wards but is developing services with all Blackpool Children Centres.

  • Claremont
  • Grange Park
  • Mereside
  • Revoe
  • St Cuthberts
  • Talbot and Brunswick
  • Thames

Q - How is the funding from The Big Lottery Fund being spent, what on and how will it benefit me?

A - The funds from The Big Lottery Fund and additional partnership funds are being allocated to the following categories:

FAQ Funding Pie Chart

Q - How do I refer into the services being provided by Better Start?

A - Please visit our Project Pages for more information on our services and how to access them.

Q - Who does your photography?

A - Claire from "CJ Griffiths Photography" takes the images for the Centre. Click Here to visit her website.

Images are taken with the subject’s permission and models are used where appropriate.

Q - Is there funding available for my business?

A - Please Contact Us at the centre if you think that your business could work with Better Start and Families in Blackpool.   

Q - Who are the A Better Start sites being funded by The Big Lottery Fund?

A - In addition to Blackpool, The Big Lottery Fund have a further four sites.  These are: