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Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED)

The four-week FRED programme encourages and supports dads, grandads, big brothers and other male role models to read with their children every day.


Telephone: 01253 476789
Location: Children’s Centres and libraries

What is it?

Dads can make THE BEST storytellers! The Fathers Reading Every Day challenge encourages Dads and Male role models to regularly read to their children and record their activities in a personal log book. It is also a chance to meet other Dads and male role models and together become storytelling heroes.  The programme offers Dad’s the chance to build their childs brain, improve their listening and speech and make fun memories together.

Reading together with your child every day:

• Gives you a time everyday you will both love

• Can spark your child’s imagination

• Will help your child learn new words

• Teaches your child about the world

• Helps your child do better in school

Dads will receive support and ideas from their Children’s Centre and FRED group. They will receive a free story book to take home and keep, as well as library membership information.

Who is it for?

Dads, grandfathers, and male role models

Is a referral required?

All welcome.