Baby Steps

Giving Blackpool Babies the Best Start in Life

By Clare Law (Better Start Project Lead)

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Baby Steps is an educational programme designed to support Mums and Dads to be able to manage the emotional and physical transition into parenthood. The programme runs from around the 28th week of pregnancy and comprises of 7 weekly sessions before baby is born, and 3 weekly sessions once baby has arrived. Baby Steps sessions are facilitated by a Family Engagement Worker and a Health Visitor, and throughout the programme parents have the opportunity to meet other professionals such as Midwives  who can answer questions about labour, delivery and breastfeeding.

Baby Steps supports parents to:

  • Form a bond with their unborn baby

  • Keep healthy

  • Recognise baby’s communication cues

  • Manage changes within the relationship

  • Prepare for the stresses that being a new parent can bring.

The sessions are practical and interactive and provide an ideal opportunity for all participants to learn from each other as well as develop social support networks. 

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Baby Steps Family Engagement Workers are based within Children’s Centres across the 7 Better Start Wards in Blackpool. Once parents to be are registered for Baby Steps the Family Engagement Worker will visit the family home and discuss the programme content, encouraging parents to be to explore their hopes and ideas about parenthood. The Family Engagement Worker will maintain contact with the family right from registration to completion of the post natal sessions, providing parents with a consistent source of support. In addition to this Family Engagement Workers have a wealth of knowledge about support and resources available within the local community and will signpost parents to these where appropriate.

Our Family Engagement Workers attend regular midwife clinics in children’s centres, antenatal clinics at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and many other community venues; they will happily talk more about the programme, so feel free to go up and say hello.”

How do I access this project: Please contact your Midwife, Health Visitor or email Judith at for more details.

Baby Steps

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