Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

Helping families to become responsible for change

By Clare Law (Better Start Project Lead)

Project Description: Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is an approach used for enhancing communication within family relationships. It is a particularly powerful tool in increasing parental sensitivity in families where there are attachment difficulties.

It works by capturing short pieces of video of a parent interacting with their child.  In the process of standing back and looking at themselves on screen, parents are able to analyse what they were doing when things were going ’better than usual’.  Parents are supported to become more sensitive to children’s communication attempts and to develop greater awareness of how they can respond in an attuned way.  

The programme empowers parents and communities, because it is built on a conviction that the power and responsibility for change resides within families themselves. 

red head child being held up highProgramme Benefits: This programme is delivered through our Evidence Based Programmes Cornerstone helping  families with Healthy Gestation and Birth and School Readiness, benefiting better outcomes for our families in Social and Emotional Development and Language and Communication.  

This programme gives families an insight into attachment and parental sensitivity and also builds parents self confidence and attachment. It reduces parental anxiety and depression and shows a reduction in the cases of abuse and neglect.  Additionally children have positive outcomes in language and cognition.

Start Date: April 2016

How do I access the project: Referrals will be made into this service from professionals. For more information, or to make a referral, please contact our service delivery team at the NSPCC on 01253 955709.

More information about VIG is available on their website.

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