Volunteer Academy Launched in Blackpool

By Blackpool Better Start

The Volunteer Academy - a programme investing in volunteering standards in Blackpool was launched this week by Blackpool Better Start. The three year project has been created to help raise the standard of volunteering across Early Years resources in Blackpool by investing in and supporting volunteers.


The project, worth £75,000 per year, is being funded by Blackpool Better Start and was awarded to Blackpool’s The Volunteer Centre following a competitive tender.  The objectives for the project is to help and support Community Voice parent group, offer volunteers more opportunities and pathways and develop the use of parent forums and volunteers within Children Centres.

Merle Davies, Director of the Centre for Early Child Development comments: “One of our initial aims in our bid for Blackpool Better Start was to raise the standard of volunteering across early year resources such as Children’s Centres. The Volunteer Centre holds a kitemark called ‘Investing in Volunteer Standard’ and this stringent process will help elevate the benchmark for Blackpool volunteers.

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“Beyond raising standards, The Volunteer Academy will also strive to create community champions of our local volunteers and tap into existing skills to maximise opportunities. We will offer training and the chance to get involved in a number of community projects including Baby Rover, Parks and Open Spaces and Outdoor Activity Programme. The benefits from the project will also extend our capacity to meet aims and goals that will benefit the community as a whole.”

 The Volunteer Academy will be open to all members of the local community who are keen to get involved in activities reflecting their interests and using their skills. More details of the project can be found on the Volunteer Academy website by clicking here, and you can read about the Volunteer Academy launch on the Blackpool Gazette by clicking here.

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