Find out when Baby Rover is at your nearest Children's Centre!

Baby Rover Poster

Look below to find out when Baby Rover will be at your nearest participating Children's Centre!:

Wednesday 24th Jan 10.00-12.00hrs – Thames CC

Thursday 25th Jan - 10.00-12.00hrs – Baines CC  

Tuesday 6th Feb - 13.00-15.00hrs – Revoe CC

Wednesday 7th Feb - 10.00-12.00hrs – Grange Park CC

Thursday 8th Feb – 10.00-12.00hrs  -  Westminster CC

Tuesday 13th Feb – 13.00-15.00hrs - Mereside CC 

Thursday 22nd Feb - 10.00-12.00hrs – Baines CC   

Monday 26th Feb - 10.00-12.00hrs – Talbot & Brunswick CC                        

 Wednesday 28th Feb – 10.00-12.00hrs – Thames CC

Tuesday 6th March 13.00 – 15.00hrs – Revoe CC

Wednesday 7th March - 10.00-12.00hrs – Grange Park CC

Thursday 8th March - 10.00-12.00hrs – Westminster CC

Tuesday 13th March - 13.00hrs – 15.00hrs – Mereside CC

Monday 26th March - 10.00-12.00hrs – Talbot & Brunswick CC

Wednesday 28th March - 10.00-12.00hrs – Thames CC

Thursday 29th March - 10.00-12.00hrs – Baines CC

Tuesday 3rd April - 13.00-15.00hrs – Revoe CC

Wednesday 4th April - 10.00-12.00hrs – Grange Park CC

Tuesday 10th April - 13.00-15.00hrs – Mereside CC

Thursday 12th April - 10.00-12.00hrs – Westminster CC

Baby Rover BundleWhat Is Baby Rover?

Baby Rover has been developed in response to the local need for families to have easy access to affordable clothing. In partnership with Helping Hand, the Salvation Army, and Care and Share, Better Start has developed the Scheme and will provide support for a three year period.

How do I access this project: This scheme is available to all Blackpool families with children aged 0-3 years inclusive.

The scheme costs just £2.50 for a lifetime’s membership which entitles families to buy bundles of 10 items of babies’ clothing for just £1.00 per bundle. Baby Rover Scheme members can also get a 20% discount on furniture at the Helping Hand Shop and a 20% discount at the Salvation Army Shop in the Citadel.

Blackpool families can join the scheme by completing a form at Helping Hand’s shop or depot and can buy their first bundle of clothes at the same time.

Helping Hand can be found at:

Helping Hand Depot: Unit 9 Brinwell Road, Blackpool, FY4 4QU

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 10am to 5pm

Helping Hand Shop: 28 Cookson Street, Blackpool, FY1 3EF,

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 9am to 4.30pm

Baby Rover also provides volunteering opportunities for people who want to support families who are most in need in our town.

Programme Benefits: This programme is delivered through our Public Health Cornerstone as one of Community Voice’s Community led action projects.

DONATIONS: If you would like to make a donation of clothing to the Baby Rover scheme, please take these to your nearest participating Children's Centre, and your donation will be collected by one of our Community Connectors.

Thank You!