Revoe Library

Families and children can explore reading and storytelling in the circus themed reading area complete with puppet stage and fantastic books.
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1 Revoe Street

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What’s on at Revoe Library?

Revoe Library has an exciting circus-themed area for little ones to enjoy the early years area, complete with an interactive puppet stage.
Children can explore a great selection of picture and story books. Even small babies like cuddling up and sharing books – they love to listen to your voice, touch the book, look at the pictures and follow a story from start to finish.

The library organises early years activities including cosy bedtime story sessions each week for young children to snuggle up and listen to a story with their favourite cuddly toy.

Go along and find out more about the Blackpool Better Start FRED project (Fathers Reading Every Day), supporting support dads, granddads, big brothers, and other male role models to regularly read to their children.